A Safer Alternative

The greatest attribute a child and dog has is their sense of fear. No one can detect “Stranger Danger” like our family K9s.

In watching these K9s go from warrior to pet in a matter of seconds, I knew that the very K9s that aid law enforcement and protect our families should be the ones protecting our children in schools.

With that in mind, K9s4Kids was created as an alternative, kinder and gentler approach to keeping our school children safe.

A socially-tuned K9 allows these precious angels a place of learning where they can embrace their innocence.  Statistics show that a trained K9 on campus serves as a double deterrent, keeping narcotics from being distributed and serving as a personal protection barrier between potential harm to our innocent students.

These K9s are extremely social, yet highly qualified warriors that are accustomed to going straight to the source of the dilemma—the shooter or threat—and disengaging the suspect.

In my vision I see returning war veterans with K9 handling experience finding a new role with their local school districts providing protection for our most vulnerable citizens.

Bottom line—if these heroic dogs can buy just an extra 30 seconds of time between an armed assailant and an innocent child, just imagine how many victims of these senseless shootings would still be with us!