Trust The Dogs

Recently, the Jordan family of South Carolina shared with the nation what I’ve known all along. When it comes to the safety of your family—TRUST THE DOGS!!!!

The Jordans’ 7-year-old dog Killian, a black lab-German shepherd mix—no less—became aggressive toward Alexis Khan, the babysitter who watched their 7-month-old son. With the use of a recording App on an I-Phone, they caught Khan—WHO HAD PASSED A BACKGROUND CHECK!—abusing their son. Khan is now serving time.

Just this Thursday night, we had real chaos at our home Casa Chaos. We were well tucked in for the evening, when a little after 10 p.m., our highly-trained Executive Protection K9s Johnny Cash and Daisy went BALLISTIC! I had no idea around 8:45 a suspect escaped at the Harris County Sherriff’s Office en route to being booked at 1200 Baker Street. Apparently he was still cuffed when he jumped in Buffalo Bayou that runs behind our home in River Oaks, which is about three miles away.

By midnight, they still would not come back in and were in full stealth—which means ANY un-welcome stranger was going to lose a limb! By 1 a.m., I was frustrated I could not get them to calm down (they were in and out and salivating with anxiousness), and I knew it was more than a flitting bunny on the loose driving them to this level of irritation along the Bayou. Early that morning, I saw on the news about the loose, handcuffed-prisoner and immediately realized what the issue was.

I called Sheriff Adrian Garcia and explained he still could be bedded down on the backside of our property, along the waterline—where the chaos was taking place. Immediately, Sheriff’s Deputies swarmed the house—Houston PD had a SWAT helicopter overhead and the HCSO K9 units—donated by K9s4COPS—were going in deep and were on the scent. Shortly, he was apprehended at his girlfriends on the southwest side of town. He had trenched down the Bayou and waited for someone to come get him.

I cannot begin to tell you the peace of mind a trained Executive Protection K9 brings to our family. If I had to choose between an alarm, handgun and a K9—TRUST ME, I would not hesitate to say give me all TRAINED K9’s! Their love for the families they protect knows NO BOUNDS!!!